"We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Advance Sign Group. Today we are serviced by a very well organized and detailed minded team. Our projects are fairly short in duration so successful communication and planning is essential to each store opening. We appreciate their willingness to listen to our concerns and respond in a proactive and positive manner."

~Operations Coordinator, National Multi-Unit Retailer

"I’ve been using Advance Sign Group for the past 5 years. They make an excellent product at competitive prices. You won’t be disappointed!!!"

~Vice President of Construction, National Retailer

"What any multiple store and adding more stores yearly retailer is looking for from a sign company is complete service. Service that includes code research, building official contact, historical variance research ( if needed), quality presentation drawings for client, landlord and jurisdictional approval. The confidence from the client that the signage is being handled by hard working and knowledgeable staff that is constantly looking out for the client needs and welfare."

~Construction Manager, National Retail Chain

"We were looking for experience, we were looking for pricing, and we were looking for confidence to commit to our timing. As a result of our evaluations, ASG came out on top."

~Project Manager for Global Sign Rebrand

"Advance Sign Group has been a valued partner for our expansion to over 150 Retail locations. They have handled the design and fabrication of our interior and exterior signage needs. Their quality is excellent and they are quick to respond should any issues arise. I have worked with them for over 5 years and look forward to continuing our partnership in 2016 and beyond."

~Senior Director, Store Design & Construction