How to get the most from National Sign Programs & Rebranding/Rollouts

How to get the most from National Sign Programs & Rebranding/Rollouts


Your brand-your-signage-is the first impression that represents your overall company image.  To create and maintain a successful national sign program or rebranding rollout involves coordination on multiple levels, communication, and due diligence.  The rebranding and rollout of a sign program is a major investment that will have an instant ROI if carried out properly.

  • National Sign Rebranding Programs
  • Typical scope and pitfalls
  • Rollout, do’s and don’ts
  • Elements of a good sign program
  • What to look for in a National Supplier

Here are some things that will guarantee your next rollout and sign rebrand go smoothly.  When choosing a national sign partner it’s important to look for one who has a shared mindset with your organization while maintaining realistic expectations.  First and foremost a clear scope of work must be defined both with the client and signage provider.  This will ensure your signage needs are delivered on time and meet your expectations throughout the process.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your sign company have real sign program management experience?
  2. Do they have multiple rebrands under the belt?
  3. Do they control the process in-house?
  4. Are your completion dates realistic with lead times for permits, surveys, and landlord approvals?
  5. Is your scope of work clearly defined?, i.e. who is responsible for removing existing signage, disposing, and remediating walls?
  6. Do you have a budget in Mind? And if so share that with your partners.

At Advance Sign Group we complete an average of 2-3 rebrands and rollouts a year all while maintaining company’s existing new signage and maintenance programs.  We have the depth of knowledge and experience with rollouts ranging from ten sites to thousands of locations.  Having completed rebrands for all types of industries, whether it be manufacturing & power plants, corporate identity, sporting venues, airports & transportation, entertainment chains, retail chains, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and many more.  See how Advance Sign Group can assist you with your next national rebrand or rollout program.