Problem Solving

  • Dedicated-Project-Management
  • Dedicated Project Management

Every business partner is assigned a dedicated sign project manager with real sign experience. Project management’s upfront due diligence and communication with all internal and external players makes projects at Advance Sign Group clean and thorough. Their continuous dedication of time management, carefully calculated decisions and their ability to handle high-pressure situations allow ASG to achieve results and ensure a positive partnership between ASG and your brand.
Advance Sign Group’s teams of Project Managers are assigned to individual accounts, clients and projects to provide complete turnkey service with your satisfaction in mind. ASG’s project management staff aligns to meet your specialty requests and needs.
Our Project Managers are skilled in code research and complete site surveys. We make it our priority to know your sign project inside and out, so we know everything about site plans, elevation plans, building requirements, dimensions, setbacks, color matching for your brand alignment, landlord approvals, permit acquisitions for all municipalities, and installation management through our certified installers nationwide.
Our Project Management team also has the ability to assist with the variance process, and will attend planned review hearings at the client’s request.
  • Design-&-Engineering-Consultation1
  • Design & Engineering Consultation

Advance Sign Group utilizes a fully trained professional staff to create contemporary designs for all your signage needs. Our in-house design department operates with AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel, Gerber, and a variety of software to custom-build your business’ new signage.
Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states. From logo and image consultation to complete engineering and structural sign design, our staff will work with you to develop an image to set you apart from the competition in your market.
  • On-Time-Delivery1
  • On Time Delivery

Means ownership by all parties. Having in house manufacturing, single points of contact, and direct transportation allow you to optimize advertising and limit punch list items by ensuring timeliness & accuracy on all drawings & pricing and detailed site surveys.

  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Prototypes

Advance Sign Group Manufacturing Prototypes

Test before you execute! Customers rely on ASG to be exceptional stewards of their brand. Our designers, engineers and in-house manufacturing team work alongside our customers to deliver solutions that maximize their visual brand presence. Our consultative approach includes…
  • Considering multiple display options
  • Maximizing sign visibility
  • Construction efficiency
  • Working in alignment with your brand image
  • And many more…
Put our combined 300 years of experience to work for your brand identity. Once you’ve tested and tweaked your concept, you can also trust ASG with your national rollout.
  • Manufacturing1
  • Manufacturing

Advance Sign Group self-performs all aspects of the manufacturing process, using only the highest quality products and methods in the industry. All of our manufacturing employees are cross-trained to perform selected processes and to include quality assurance at each individual stage of fabrication.

Why it's important to have a sign vendor who manufactures in-house:

Your brand, your image is the first interaction with your current and potential customers. So, why leave it to a sign company that doesn't manufacture in-house? Keep projects on time, control your costs, and have complete control & transparency of the entire process with ASG to ensure your brand's image is represented just as you intended.

  • Nationwide-Installation1
  • Nationwide Installation

Advance Sign Group utilizes a trusted, certified installation crew for every project. We have a nationwide network of installation partners in every major city and municipality to conduct our projects. If you are a local sign installer and service provider and would like to sign on as a business partner with us, please visit the Installation Partnership page on our website, under ‘Contact Us’
  • Nationwide-Delivery-&-Shipping1
  • Nationwide delivery & shipping


Our national coverage provides our partners with the best possible shipping efficiencies and cost effective transportation needs all while delivering your signage safe and sound allowing for optimal advertising and on time installations.

  • Sign-Code-Research1
  • Sign Code Research

Every Sign project should have a permitting strategy that is effective and thus leading to less frustration and reduced permitting time. We have “in house” code review and INCLUDE “permits & variances” information from the problem solving section.
  • Site-Surveys1
  • Site Audits and Surveys

Having a complete and comprehensive site and sign survey conducted is a crucial step to ensure that your next sign project is a success. Advance Sign Group’s survey process will ensure that we gather accurate and detailed information for your new signage, re-branding of any existing signage, and any future maintenance needs.

Our comprehensive survey form will be customized to your business needs. Our standard survey form includes the following content:

  • Site plan with a map of existing signs and new signs
  • Complete digital photos of existing signs and buildings
  • Elevation measurements
  • Existing exterior and interior sign sizes, sign types, quantity and installation methods
  • Recommendations and code research
  • Site leader or management’s input.
  • Night watch audits
  • Permits-&-Variances1
  • Permits & Variances

Sign permits are an essential part of getting your next sign legally installed. Almost all jurisdictions and cities have their own sign code and being well versed with each jurisdiction's code can be difficult and time-consuming if you don't have experience.
That’s why you can trust our project management staff at Advance Sign Group to acquire your next sign permit. Because of our experience across many states, cities, townships, and even countries, we’ve become experts in translating sign codes.
When is a sign permit needed? A sign permit is required before most exterior signs are installed. This includes all types of signage from freestanding signs, wall signs, and marquee signs. It isn’t unusual if some cities and jurisdictions even require a temporary banner permit. Advance Sign Group will assist in acquiring electrical permits and zoning permits that are often required when applying for a sign permit.
Most sign permits require the following information:
  • Size (area) and dimension of the sign
  • Location of the sign on the property or building (site plan)
  • Copy of the sign text
  • Photographs of the property indicating where the sign is to be located
  • Scaled drawings showing how the sign is constructed and how it is to be installed.

Sign permits generally take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for approval. However, some cities require you to appear in front of a review board or committee, and the process could last up to 6 weeks. It is important to have this information when you are preparing a grand opening or re-opening of a location.

Permit costs vary from city to city. Fortunately, a sign permit is valid for as long as the sign remains in the original location that it was first installed.

What happens if a sign permit is denied by the local jurisdiction? If a sign permit application is denied, sometimes the jurisdiction may allow you to apply for a sign variance. A sign variance is usually a last-resort in getting what the jurisdiction wants. Sign variances can be expensive and take months to be approved, if at all. ASG has successfully applied for a number of sign variances in different jurisdictions across the nation. If your sign permit is denied, we are happy to apply for a Sign Variance on your company’s behalf.

Leave it to your national sign source, Advance Sign Group, to get your next sign project up on time!

  • Rebranding-&-Rollouts1

Advance Sign Group’s state of the art manufacturing process and project management procedures have the ability to rebrand and change out your company’s old signage for all your nationwide locations while meeting your completion time frame. ASG provides code research, surveys, permit acquisitions, fabrication and installation of all rollout programs.
  • Nationwide-Sign-Maintenance1
  • National Sign Maintenance



ASG offers full-service maintenance for exterior lighted signage coast to coast. ASG’s Maintenance team provides preventative & ongoing maintenance. Whether you’re looking to retro-fit your existing fleet of signage or simply replace signage with the new branding, ASG can help calculate possible ROI’s scenarios and develop a personal solution to your problem.
We provide the following maintenance services: Remove & dispose, wall remediation, re-lamping, Neon to LED conversions, Channel letters, LEDs, Neon, Fluorescent, Pylons, Directional’s, Monument Signs, High Rise Signage, Awnings, site drive-by’s, and exterior lighting and parking lot lighting.
Advance Sign Group provides services and maintenance nationwide for all of your signage and lighting needs. Our Service & Maintenance programs include retrofitting existing signs with LEDs, replacing broken or bad Neon units, changing out fluorescent bulbs in sign cabinets, replacing parking lot lights, repairing electronic message centers (EMCs) and monitoring existing signage through videos and photography to ensure that your signs are maintained day and night.
With ASG’s holistic sign maintenance, you can show off your business’ brand image with peace of mind.
  • Lighting-Solutions-2
  • Lighting Solutions


Proper lighting is key in any commercial space, and Advance Sign Group can make a difference to you, your company and your customers. Our lighting solutions can help cut maintenance costs, repair bills, and make your business safer and more attractive to new customers. Here are just some of the things our experts do.

    • Lighting solutions
    • Lighting solutions and system controls
    • Electrical contracting
    • Installations and retrofits
    • Commercial Photometrics
    • Utility bill processing and energy audits
    • Financial incentives
    • Smart building solutions
Advance Sign Group is the one-stop solution to all your lighting questions and concerns. Whether you’re looking for project management, design, fabrication, installation or maintenance, we can do it. We have complete control and oversight over the entire process, from the initial survey to servicing the final project. Our dedication to sustainability makes us think outside of the box, and come up with programs that are effective and renewable. These solutions help reduce excess waste, and save resources, all while providing a top-quality product. From stadiums to commercial buildings, banks to grocery stores, trust ASG to help you see your own bright future.