The Details Behind Advance Sign Group’s New Sign

The Details Behind Advance Sign Group’s New Sign

At Advance Sign Group, we are proud to help our clients represent their companies and give an excellent first impression. We know first hand how much a logo can represent a company or business. To show our clients and everyone else what we are capable of, we decided it was time for us to create a new sign for our global headquarters.

When planning the design of our sign, we wanted to construct something that would be timeless and remain a symbol of our brand for years to come. This is why we used the highest quality materials and features for this new sign.

Advance Sign Group New SignSome of the new features we used include stainless steel halo illuminated letters, face lit channel letters, back lighting and designs with no trim cap. A feature that has been popular among many clients for the past seven years is LED lighting. We wanted to incorporate this in our new design, so we worked with a partner of ours, SloanLED, to demonstrate the different ways LED illumination can be used.

One of the best upgrades we made is maximizing the allowable square footage of the sign. Our company is located in an industrial park so we have stricter sign codes that we have to follow.

This doesn’t prevent our new sign from being the first thing you see when you turn onto our road. We are proud to have something that stands out prominently for customers and everyone else to see. All of our employees really take pride seeing their hard work represented on our building.

Advance Sign Group FacilityMany people may think having a physical sign isn’t as essential as it used to be, but this simply isn’t true.

On-premise and off-premise signage is still a key component to branding for all industries including retail, restaurants, healthcare facilities and airports, just to name a few. Signage in these industries help lay out an overall plan for the brands they represent.