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Scrubs and Beyond

140 Locations in 30 States

The leader in nursing and medical uniforms to healthcare professionals nationwide. Founded in 2000 and growing rapidly through it’s 2013 acquisition of Life Uniform and Uniform City, Scrubs & Beyond partnered with ASG to provide maximum allowable signage with their large backer panels, store closures and rebrands.

ASG team has partnered with the Scrubs & Beyond team to deliver the largest sign sizes while negotiating with local jurisdictions to calculate overall sign letters without including the backer panel. A common issue most brands experience with backer panels can result in smaller signs.

Our due diligence team will work ahead of your LOI schedule to help our your real estate teams decide if that particular land lord and jurisdiction will accommodate your signage and branding needs. Although customers may not sign every lease or site they review, it is ASG’s job to help determine the factors that play a role in site selection like signage visibility and criteria.

Don’t get stuck with a small sign. Bring the ASG team on board early to review your opportunities before signing on the dotted line.

Real expertise from ASG’s real estate criteria reviews will save you time and avoid your brand from making costly mistakes. Don’t sign your next lease without ASG’s review of your sign project location.

Services provided:

  • Design, engineering, and prototyping
  • Site Audits & Surveys
  • Code due diligence and variances
  • Decommissioning of closed sites
  • Manufacturing of all sign types
  • Union & Non-Union Installations
  • Coordinated “unveiling date” of the new brand
  • Building remediation
  • On-going sign replacements, on-call repair & maintenance

Products provided:

  • Awnings
  • Cabinet and Wall Signs
  • Canopy Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Digitally Printed Graphics
  • Tenant Panels
  • Blade Signs

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