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Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

New Construction , Conversions, and Acquisition

100+ locations & Growing!

Over 700 Signs installed

With their largest US acquisition in the works and a need to enhance their sign program, Strickland Brothers teamed up and partnered with ASG to rebrand and convert sites in territories new to their fleet. ASG played an integral part in helping to communicate & convert their acquired brands professionally & timely to limit business disruptions, while keeping their newly acquired companies satisfied with a seamless transition. By fast tracking our on-boarding process with the client and moving quickly to decommission and rebrand sites within 3 weeks. Today, ASG continues to play a vital role in Strickland Brothers growth by supporting its stress-free claims process through our delivery of hassle free sign program management. From day one, we did what we said we would do.

Services provided:

  • Design, engineering, and prototyping
  • Site Surveys
  • Code due diligence and variances
  • Decommissioning and rapid conversions of existing sites
  • Manufacturing of all sign types
  • Installations in all 50 states
  • High-Rise Highway Signs
  • Exterior painting and remodeling
  • Building remediation of brick, EIFS, marble, granite, and metal facades
  • On-going sign replacements, repair & maintenance
  • Interior décor and marketing posters
  • Rapid deployment of curbside signage during Covid to 600 sites in under 2 weeks
  • Maintenance services, reactive and proactive

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