Is An LED Conversion Right For Your Sign Program?

Is An LED Conversion Right For Your Sign Program?

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Why you should be switching from Fluorescent to LED Lighting in your cabinet signs!

The sign industry has finally started to see the benefits of LED technology evolve from the standard channel letter modules that were once used in cabinet retro-fits to modules now specifically made for the use in cabinets. This has significantly reduced the long term costs in labor, materials, and energy savings, and the cost of maintenance to keep those fluorescent lights going. We have all seen those signs at night that have dark spots and need to be re-lamped. In addition, the fluorescent market is now experiencing a decline in quality as well as LEDs becoming more prevalent. This is causing many fluorescent warranties to be voided by service providers or drastically reduced.

SO here are just several reason you should consider your next conversion to LEDs for Sign Cabinets.

• Be SEEN! A business without a sign is a sign of no business.
• Drive More sales–after all that’s why we have signs.
• LEDs can last anywhere from 50,000-154,000 hours. Whereas fluorescent lamps have an average life span of only 7,000-15,000 hours and contain hazardous waste.
• Less service calls = Less headaches and more money in your pocket
• ROI on LEDs range 2-3 years
• LED kits for sign cabinets come in many shapes, sizes, and color temperatures.
• LEDs are easy to ship & handle unlike fluorescent lamps
• LEDs can easily adapt to any climate

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