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Nationwide Rebrands and Conversions

5/3 National Brand Refresh

ASG was able to fast track new signage brand guidelines and flawlessly roll out for the largest acquisition in 5/3 history.

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Coast to Coast Retail

American Eagle

From a single store in 1977 to becoming one of the world’s most leading retailers in Women’s and Men’s clothing, and fashion accessories.

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High Rise


ASG worked closely with the glazing system engineers for this modern glass building.

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Health Care and Urgent Cares

Nationwide Children’s

As one of the Nation’s leading and largest Children’s Hospital, NCH was looking for a partner that could help rebrand and refresh it’s new campus wide construction after over 30 years of continual growth.

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ASG’s turnkey suite of services provides you with a one stop solution for sourcing your next program or project.

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  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Design & Engineering Consultation
  • Dynamic Lighting Solutions
  • Manufacturing and Prototypes
  • National Sign Maintenance
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Nationwide Delivery & Shipping
  • On Time Delivery
  • Permits & Variances
  • Rebranding & Rollouts
  • Sign Code Research
  • Site Audits and Surveys

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Achievements we experienced in 2022.

1,860 New signage and branding locations

+8,120 Signs installed and counting

Working across 50 states in 19,019 jurisdictions

13 Manufacturing and offices in Birmingham, Columbus, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Dothan, Green Bay, Lexington, Memphis, San Antonio, San Diego and Wilmington

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