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High-Rise Signs & Installations

High-Rise Sign projects require a certain part of engineering, safety, and fabrication knowledge.

When working at heights this large in scale, there are a number of factors to consider. Structural integrity of the signage and engineering it to attach safely and properly to an existing or new high rise is crucial. Ensuring illumination and visibility studies are performed before making an initial investment are critical.

Planning for high-rise signage on a new construction building can sometimes take 2-3 years with multiple stages of the project occurring over the lifetime of a high-rise being constructed.

When working with an existing structure it is important to know if there is existing signage coming down and what if any structural attachments need to be present for safely installing the new signage.

Delivering such large signage to a job site is also a critical point in planning. ASG will use its dedicated trailers to ship the signage safely and directly to the jobsite on the planned installation date. Staging for the installation will be mapped out ahead of time to protect such areas that may have finished work like new landscaping, sidewalks, streets, employee and customer entry points, canopies, and any other possible obstructions.

Logistics on how to raise signs on a high-rise can vary from building to building. Some methods may include cranes, freight elevators, swing stages and scaffolding, or even helicopters to hoist signs up.

ASG applies safety training and compliance with the local jurisdiction and area in which the work is performed by protecting and roping off access points from the public right of ways with street and access closures.

Services Provided:

  • Code Due Diligence & Permitting
  • Design, Engineering, & Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • High-Rise Installation with High-Rise & OSHA-certified Crew
  • Logistics & Access Planning
  • Manufacturing of all High-Rise Signage
  • Photometric & Lighting Designs for Downtown Commission Approval
  • Pre-planning & Engineering
  • Safety Training
  • Site Surveys

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