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Quality Control is paramount to every part of our proven process.

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How We Serve

Quality control in everything that we do.

Step 1

Customer Onboarding

Starting off on the right foot begins with the correct and best possible information. We’ll set goals and expectations, establish a cadence and rhythm to our business partnership, and create a mutual understanding to deliver on your goals consistently from the start.

Step 2

Code Due Diligence

Our Code & Permitting team conducts a thorough code analysis of local municipalities following the latest NEC, UL, and building codes. Whether it’s initial review of landlord design criteria, Planned Used Development (PUD), or even full-on variances, the team at ASG has the experience and breadth of knowledge to handle all aspects of the permitting process.

Step 3

On-Site Survey

ASG’s field teams will conduct a thorough survey of the project location with customers and their representatives. This enables us to comprehend the topography and site conditions, which is critical to a successful manufacturing and installation process. Verifying access requirements, necessary blocking, electrical needs, and any other site-specific elements helps us avoid costly mistakes.

Often times, the sign is the very last element to be installed, which makes surveys an important part of our process. It’s this type of attention to detail that helps our sign installers grasp the intricacies of the job before arriving to the site.

Step 4

Design Development

Upon completion of code research and survey analysis, ASG will create a tailored brand book with 2D and 3D software such as SolidWorks, CAD, and InDesign. We also work with your marketing team to identify and establish rendering for brand control and approval so that all departments are satisfied. Additionally, our team will work to develop a brand book that meets the needs of your team by integrating building elevations and site-specific findings, and can show daytime and nighttime renderings along with light studies to provide optimum output.

Step 5

Review & Approval

At this point, we will present your designs to the designated teams for brand review and approval prior to landlord and permitting. Once we receive customer feedback, our team will make the necessary changes, and begin the manufacturing process.

Step 6


Once permits and approvals are met with customer satisfaction, we initiate our in-house manufacturing process, which ensures we meet customer deadlines and schedules on-time, at-cost, and on-quality. From the time your job gets approved for production, our technology provides real-time tracking of project status and critical milestones, which also feature progress photos and inspections.

Step 7


Once our product arrives on-site, our installers will install signage during the day or after-hours, making certain that proper insurance and landlord requirements are met. Our top priority is making sure we use the appropriate equipment, PPE, safety, and traffic enforcement are implemented to protect the safety of our crews, customers, and their patrons. We supervise and coordinate all installation and construction needs with a physical presence, along with crews in all 50 states.

Our team will conduct a final punch-list and post-installation walk-through with on-site representatives. Final signoffs and any punch list items will be addressed with the upmost urgency.

Step 8

Your brand working for you 24/7/365

As part of our commitment to you, we will work to provide on-call service and repairs, and provide proactive and reactive customer support. Our team collaborates and reviews your program status on a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis to provide the highest customer satisfaction and make certain that your KPI’s are met.