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Smart Controls & IoT

Our lighting and energy solutions provide Fortune 100 companies with sustainable controls that make buildings smarter. Working with ASG’s design team to ensure a platform to meet your demands and provide the highest degree of efficiencies necessary to cut your energy output. Not all control systems are created equal and ASG will work with you to determine products with the lowest footprints and standards to meet the Advanced Lighting Controls of today.

Future proof IoT Controls with real time data analytics are now possible with all-in one sensors that maximize every possible cost and energy saving. ASG’s integrations with multiple lighting systems are possible for all types of organizations and businesses.

Not only do IoTs keep your code compliant as codes change, but they also provide real time data and insights into the operations of your business so you can plan and prepare for your future needs.

How to relinquish the power of IoT

  • Reduce costs of building operations
  • Optimize your building investments
  • Maximize your team’s time
  • Stay connected and stop guessing
  • Connect all of your systems in one place

Upgrade today and be in complete control

  • Motion controls
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Scheduled lighting
  • Energy optimization and reporting
  • Environment Data & Lighting Controls API
  • Building Management System Integration
  • Space planning, occupancy, vacancy, and beaconing
  • Future App & API Ready

Allow us to show you your own bright future.

From the retail floor to planning your distribution facilities and manufacturing plants, innovative controls can help your team by providing you with cutting edge and most efficient business practices, giving you a competitive advantage.

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Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.

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