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Germicidal Lighting and Airflow

Creating a healthier environment for all.

Making the air we breath inside our environments is critically important to the air we breath outside. ASG has a full line-up of pathogen eradicating and air disinfection solutions that work to support your existing and new facilities whether they are part of a larger building network or individual suite location. Combined with UV and Bipolar ionization solutions, you can reduce and eliminate bacteria and viruses within your spaces rapidly.

Air and surface disinfection, protects you and your customers and keeps your businesses running at optimal speed. The applications are endless and can be integrated into HVAC systems or by themselves. Common areas such as lobbies, offices, sporting facilities, restaurants and hospitals are some of the latest to adopt such technologies.

Why use Pathogen Eradicating & Airflow solutions?

  • Chemical-free and residue free
  • Eliminate downtown and use in the presence of people
  • Combine with our smart controls
  • Reduce operating expenses by eliminating chemical use and labor
  • Fight pathogen intrusion

Attacking the many ways that pathogens can penetrate our space can be daunting, and that is why we have numerous solutions to help prevent the problem before it begins. ASG can take a look at your mechanicals and find the right solutions to mitigate your risk of exposure to harmful elements.

What are some of the solutions we can use to make our facilities safer?

  • H202
  • Bipolar ionization
  • Particle ionization units
  • UV germicidal luminaries
  • Upper air germicidal UVC
  • GAC & GAB

Let us help keep your customers and employees safe and healthy.

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