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High Rise

Spectrum relocated its corporate headquarters from St. Louis, MO to Stamford, CT in 2012, but kept much of its operations in St. Louis and other US states. Through the years, ASG has converted and installed Spectrum signage all over the continental US. In 2019 Spectrum sought out ASG to work side by side with Spectrum’s architects, general contractor’s, and management firms to plan and engineer 5 high rise signs for their newly built Stamford, CT Headquarters. All signs had to be affixed to this modern glass building securely and cohesively to protect the image of the brand and its sparkling new facility. ASG worked closely with the glazing system engineers to develop a system and solutions to ensure a positive outcome. ASG’s front end involvement was critical so that proper attachments point, and electric needs could be accounted for during construction. Simply put, we did it right alongside the Spectrum team.

Services Provided

  • Design, engineering, and consulting
  • Site Surveys
  • Code due diligence and permitting
  • Photometric and lighting Designs for downtown commission approval
  • Manufacturing of all high-rise signage
  • High rise installation with high-rise and OSHA certified crew

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