Necessary Power Through Solar Adaptable LED Lighting Equipment System

Necessary Power Through Solar Adaptable LED Lighting Equipment System

At Advance Sign Group, we love a good challenge. Recently, our team was presented with the opportunity to tackle an exciting project for a client. This particular client was looking to install a 6’-6” x 23’ exterior LED Channel Letter sign on an existing store they had recently acquired from a different tenant.

This client was looking for a new sign to boost their branding and attract customers. Our clients count on us to find them the maximum amount of signage opportunities when it comes to their exterior signing. The sign is the only piece of advertising they own, the frequent exposure of which is key to boosting sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. This specific site was facing a major thoroughfare, which necessitated proper signage.

SALLE SystemWhile this might seem like an ordinary project, the challenge soon arose in the physical installation of the sign. The problem was that the previous tenant did not install a sign on this wall, therefore dedicated power was not provided to that area when the building was constructed. To supply the necessary power to the sign, the client would have had to run power from a source over 300 feet away. This distance would have produced sky-high electrical bills, which did not fit the client’s budget.

Fortunately, ASG had a solution. We decided to provide a Solar Adaptable LED Lighting Equipment (SALLE) system to power up the 6’-6” x 23’ LED Channel Letter sign. The SALLE system allows the customer’s sign to get three days of power from a single charge and comes equipped with a built-in seven-day time-clock. Every sign solar kit comes equipped with 12 or 24 volts, with two solar controllers for redundancy. The solar kits are time clock, and photo control enabled and are fuse protected. This simple and reliable solution is easy to use, install, and reduces energy and electricity bills in the long run.

With this kind of solution, all signs point to success.